Product Detail
The quartet emulsifying tank
Product details

The quartet of emulsifying tank USES:

1, mixed, syrup, shampoo, detergents, juice concentrate, yogurt, desserts, mixed milk products, printing ink, porcelain glaze.

2, scattered mixed: methyl cellulose dissolving, pectin dissolve, carbide dissolution, oil-water emulsion, premix, the seasoning production, stabilizer dissolved, dust, salt, alumina, pesticides

3, dispersion, suspension, pill coating, the drug depolymerization, coating dispersed mixture, lipstick, vegetable soup, mustard, catalyst, matting agent, metal, paint, modified asphalt, the preparation of nanometer materials reconciliation.

4, emulsification, emulsion, cream, cold cream, facial mask, facial cream, flavor, oil/water emulsion wax emulsion, emulsion asphalt, resin emulsion, emulsion, water-based polyurethane emulsion, pesticides.

5, homogeneous: medicine emulsion, cream, cold cream, facial mask, facial cream, homogeneous tissue homogenate, dairy products, jam, fruit juice, printing ink.

Sifang emulsifying tank technical parameters: