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Cooking pot
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The characteristics of the cooking pot:

1, produced by the boiler steam to sandwich pot for heating, the heating is in the form of steam pot;

2, steam heating speed, the pot room temperature water heated to boiling steam for half an hour or so, but to have an independent (corresponding) boiler high pressure steam system, cost is higher;

3, large heating area, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency.

4, fast heating, short liquid boiling time;

5, the use of safe, convenient operation, wide application;

6, there are a variety of heating mode choice, and discharging mode (vertical and tilting type) and the selection of mixing plant;

7, carbon steel sandwich pot cost is lower than stainless steel pot;

8, sandwich pot with stainless steel pot and carbon steel sandwich pot, pot body and a foot inside and outside the former adopts 304 or 316 l stainless steel materials manufacturing (grade accord with national health standards); The latter only inner pot body with 304 or 316 l stainless steel, other parts are carbon steel (sanitary requirements is not high) can be used.

Digester technology parameters: