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Single-effect evaporator
Product details

Equipment features:

Multi-function extractor can be used in Chinese medicine, food, chemical industry, sugar, grease to normal pressure, mini pressure, water frying, warm soaking, heat reflux, forced circulation, diacolation, redolent oil extract and organic solvent recovery various process operations. No matter water, alcohol, oil, steam, recycling waste, the solvent, etc., can be applied, can be used for a can of more equipment utilization. The tank is equipped with CIP cleaning and automatic rotary spraying ball, measuring temperature hole, explosion-proof visual hole lamp, visual mirror, quick opening feeding port, etc., ensuring simple operation and conforming to GMP standard. The inner tube of the equipment is imported SUS304, with a full sealed aluminum silicate blanket, and the outer tube is considerate of SUS304. Complete sets of equipment include: defoamer, condenser, cooler, oil and water separator, filter, cylinder console and other accessories.

System composition:

The main forms of equipment are positive cone, mushroom type, straight cylindrical, oblique cone, inverted cone type. It can be used as static extraction, and it can be extracted dynamically according to the production process.

1. The main tank, with jacket and heat preservation, has manhole in the upper part, and the cylinder controls the door switch, and the labor intensity is low.

2. The trap is mainly used to eliminate the foam produced by the cooking of traditional Chinese medicine, and to prevent the powder from the steam from entering the condenser.

3. The condenser is mainly used for the condensation and alcohol recovery of liquid vapor.

3. The cooler is mainly used to cool the condensate and solvent.

4. Oil and water separator, mainly used in oil extraction, oil separation by cooling recovery fluid to obtain the aromatic oil needed.

5. Gas-liquid separator, separating the liquid to prevent the discharge of liquid from the tank outside.

6. The mixer, mixing the material in the cylinder, makes the effective composition of the solid interior can be heated evenly and fully cooked, which is beneficial to the slag.