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UHT plate sterilizer
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The working principle of UHT plate sterilizer 】 :

The UHT sterilization machine working principle is by the centrifugal pump to pump the material into the sterilization machine hot and cold material for preheating in the heat exchange device, again after high temperature bucket full of high pressure, the material being rapidly heated to and after the sterilization temperature keep about 3 seconds, the microbes and enzymes were quickly kill. Material after the heat barrel by heat exchange with cold material for cooling, average temperature below 65 ℃.

If need to raise the temperature of next working procedure is by adjusting the Angle type globe valve or cycle to meet the requirements, through access to reduce the discharge of cooling water temperature conversely.

Discharge through the throttle valve to control the sterilization machine, the valve can make the boiling point under the pressure to maintain a certain material is higher than the highest temperature. Adjust the valve during normal production, generated by the pump driving force to overcome the spring pressure and back pressure control flow, in cleaning sterilization machine should be completely open. Circulating storage tank can be used to acid and alkali solution, on the inner wall of the coil clean fouling effectively.

Because the stainless steel three-way cock at the same time, the traffic can be properly adjusted.

UHT plate sterilizer features:

1, continuous production, sterilization time very short.

2, shorter time for heating the due to high quality products can be obtained.

3, with ultra high temperature sterilization, the sterilization efficiency is very high.

4, with the centrifugal pump and high pressure homogenizer series use, application range is very wide, suitable for high viscosity material sterilization.

With cold and hot material is used on 5, due to the design of heat exchange equipment of waste heat utilization economic effect, so the steam consumption is small.

UHT plate sterilizer technical parameters: