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Plate sterilizer.
Product details

Plate sterilizer features:

1. Material and heating medium in the respective sealing system by non-contact heat heating, ensure material health security;

2. The sterilization time is short, nutritional ingredients can ensure the material not be destroyed;

3. The whole machine all adopt the food grade stainless steel materials, to ensure that meet the national requirements for beverage food equipment safety and hygiene index;

4. Good heat transfer effect, high heat recovery, less energy consumption;

5. The main control components, valves and fittings are use imported parts, long service life.

6. PLC control, the heating temperature of material paragraphs may be, hot water temperature, steam flow regulation such as automatic control, and is equipped with automatic material return system, to ensure that the material is 100% sterilization effect;

7. Simple structure, easy to clean, convenient operation, low maintenance cost.

Plate sterilizer technical parameters: